My main focus is working with the energy that’s behind and within and creates our physical reality to find solutions to problems in the physical world.

Before I came across energy healing, my life felt like a constant struggle – I didn’t understand why it was so difficult for me to do things, and I got pretty stressed and had a lot of anxiety, as well as issues arising in my physical body.

When I started to understand more about how our energy creates our reality, my focus became how I could work on changing my energy to heal my body and my life, and how I could do that in the easiest and quickest way I could.

Now I offer energy healing sessions, and help others to change their reality reflections by changing their energy too.

I offer energy healing sessions and spiritual intuitive life coaching for living a successful life. I aim to support and guide you back to feeling like your favourite self, so that you feel truly empowered and able to consciously create your reality.

I have experience with many different methods of energy healing, including colour therapy, crystal healing, quantum healing hypnosis and past life regression, reiki, ancestral work, and healing through the human energy field. I draw on this experience in my work, using whatever feels best.

My background is in Classics – the study of ancient civilisations – I am especially interested in Ancient Greek philosophy and mythology, and I love seeing how ancient wisdom is still so relevant today.

Studying ancient civilisations helped me to understand a lot of metaphysical concepts, and I find that seeing how much things have changed throughout history is an amazing reminder of the possibility of change in our own lives. Things that we might think are impossible now may be waiting just around the corner.

I believe that reconnecting with our ability to change is one of the most important steps we can take towards self awareness, and recognising unlimited possibility and potential.