Simple Self Healing Energy Method compares to Reiki but it focuses on one unique hand position that you use on yourself.
-In each session you will learn the basics of this method; get real-time results while practicing on yourself with a remote facilitator; learn about energy healing, gain tips to help energy flow faster and stronger; and have access to personalized consultation with the Global Founder of this pioneering method. Then you can use it on yourself or book more facilitated sessions.
-Ease mild symptoms, have more energy, ease anxiety, balance mind-body systems, prepare for demanding activities, and learn to raise your vibrational energy anytime you want.
-With continued use you can experience optimal health, energy and peace of mind.
-Become more sensitized to unseen energy around you.
-Experience Deep Healing and Systemic Wellbeing.
-I discovered this method in a meditation over 20 years ago. I’ve used it successfully on clients ever since, and now focus on remote sessions and online training.
Email, text or FB message to book your session. You Won’t Believe Your Hands!!!